How To Go RV’ing with Dogs (from Experienced RV’ers)

One of the things we love to do is to hop in our RV with our dogs, our belongings, food and hit the road. As soon as the weather allows it, one of the best way to travel is by road where you are able to be on your own pace and enjoy the scene up close.


I didn’t start seeing the hype of traveling via RV until I got introduced by my husband. I have to say after nearly 8 years RV’ing, it has become one of our must do every  Spring thru Fall. It’s literally our home on wheels. And the best part is we can take our dogs with us and they love it !


Whether you have a RV, or planning to invest in one, or simply renting one for the long weekend, there are simple ways to get your dog onboard with the experience.   


Acclimate Your Dog to the RV

    • Before hitting the road, introduce your dog to the home on wheels.
    • Start by letting them explore the RV while it’s parked in your driveway.

Create a Familiar Space

    • Bring items that smell like home, such as your dog’s bed, favorite blanket, and toys.
    • Designate a cozy spot for your dog inside the RV where they feel secure and comfortable.

Start with Short Trips

      • Begin with shorter drives to help your dog adjust to the RV environment. You can take frequent rest stops.
      • Gradually extend the duration of your trips as your dog becomes more accustomed to traveling in the motorhome.

Safety First

    • Decide how your dog will travel during the journey:
      1. Use a crate or secure harness to keep them safe while driving.
      2. Consider using a dog seat belt tether or allowing them to free roam if it’s safe.

Pack the essentials

Maintain Routine and Comfort

Stick to your dog’s regular feeding schedule and routine as much as possible to minimize stress and anxiety.


In conclusion, going on the road in a RV can be overwhelming for dogs, but if you take these tips, I am sure it will be a fun and exciting experience for all. My dogs already know when we start putting things inside the RV, they get all excited and know that we are hitting the road.  So, happy rv’ing everyone! 


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