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Dog Eating Poop? How To Stop Them
For some reason one of my dogs picked up the habit of eating dog poop. Not his own poop but my other dog’s poop. When I first caught him doing that, I was instantly grossed out and couldn’t...
How To Stop Your Dog From Digging
In nature, I believe most dogs will do this from time to time, especially if they are puppies. God knows this is the one thing I wish my dogs wouldn’t do in my backyard.   I can remember several...
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How To Successfully Train You Puppy
Getting a new fur baby is such an exciting moment. The tiny paws, playful and clumsy ways they just melt everyone’s heart.   When getting a new puppy it is easy to spend hours playing  and give them...
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Top Resources On How To Train Your Dogs
We all wish our dogs would behave perfectly all the time and in a blink of an eye. However we know that good behavior takes time and training. I am here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that hard especially...