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What Do You Need When You Get A Puppy?

Yay! You have a new puppy!

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also requires careful preparation to ensure the puppy’s well-being and smooth transition into his/her new home. In this blog, I share some essential items to get your started in this journey.


Supplies You Need Before The Puppy’s Arrival

While you await patiently for your puppy to arrive, it is a good time to set everything you need ahead of time. Let’s start with the basics.

Puppies will have accidents. and lots of them. Ensure you have potty pads. The best value wise option you can find is at Amazon. 

Your puppy needs a good quality puppy food. I suggest getting that information from where you got your puppy – they normally can give you suggestions for the first couple of times you feed your puppy since they are used to the food. And slowly you may transition into a different brand or kind if you like. The one I have used for my dogs during the first year is the Science Diet Hills for puppies. I fed this to my 2 miniature poodles. 

In addition to food, you may want a good source of reward treats when you are training your puppy. These by Blue Buffalo has been a favorite for my dogs. 

These next items is a comfortable bed. If you do not want to allow your puppy sleeping where they are not supposed to. This is a must have as you create a space for your puppy to rest.

Next is dog dishes for water and food. These from Yeti are durable and doesn’t flip when your puppy try to play with the dish (as we know they will likely play with anything and everything 🙂

Your puppy will be teething in the first year. These puppy starter chew bones
are safe for dogs consumption and will help divert the need to teeth other things. When you see your puppy trying to chew things they are not supposed to, divert their attention to these chew bones.  


Your puppy will need a collar as well.
It is always recommended to train your puppy from start. I prefer harnesses so it doesn’t harm their necks when they pull. These from Amazon are small and have various sizes. You don’t want to get one too expensive since you will be needing to get one when your puppy is fully grown.

And finally the fun stuff! All the toys a puppy can enjoy
. God knows I probably have sacks of toys that my dogs went through as a puppy. Puppy may feel separation anxiety from their parents or previous place, you can opt for a calming stuff toy. Here is one with great reviews.


Sign up for Barkbox… they deliver dog toys and chews without the hassle of going to the store or ordering online. You sign up they deliver monthly a box of surprises for your dog. 

Next is a crate or kennel. E
stablish a place where you puppy will sleep with a bed but also it is ok to have a crate for your puppy. I know my dogs love their crate when they were puppy. It was their safe space for them to be. They whine a little in the beginning but soon they feel that’s safe and comfortable. I opt for the carry on crate because not only they can stay in a corner of car safely

If you prefer to have a designated area of the house for your puppy you may want to block the area with a baby gate
. Ensure puppy has no access to electrical cords, toxic plants, or other items that are not safe.


Having these items readily available ensures that the puppy’s basic needs are met from the moment they step into their new home, helping them feel safe and secure in their new surroundings.

Finally, If you haven’t already, establish a relationship with a trusted veterinarian.
Your puppy will continue to have its puppy immunization shots so make necessary appointments as well. In my town, unfortunately there was a shortage of vets, so the earlier you find a vet you are comfortable with, the better.


Remember, you are your puppy world from now on! They will melt your heart every time they look at you. It is truly a unconditional love. Congratulations on having a puppy! Enjoy, take good care and at the same time have all the fun! They will grow so fast but they never lose their playful side.

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